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Artwork for the promotion of my indie comic book, HAKKER. Coming in 2019.
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Hugh chapman hakker bike print ig

Hakker Fan Art

Hugh chapman h4x0rs w bg

Patreon Tier illustration.

Hugh chapman hakker ig mal incident

An Instagram cover(?) for the first book, The Malaysian Incident

Hugh chapman hakkerig1

Initial character illustration for Jake Hakker

Hugh chapman patreon banner

Patreon header image. Some 3D Illustration here done with Daz3D

Hugh chapman script kiddy ig

Patreon Tier illustration for promoting the comic book -

Hugh chapman imlive hakker

The Protaganist, Jake Hakker, American cyber-spy.

Hugh chapman imlive valentina

Valentina is a character in my book that bares some resemblance to Modesty Blaise I admit.

Hugh chapman hacktivist

Hacktivists Icon

Hugh chapman l337s

l337s Icon

Hugh chapman 500 likes x

A FB illustration to celebrate 500 Likes.